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Breath healthier and reduce oxidative damages

Effective for up to 6 months depending on age group (see FAQ for details)


  • Normalize the functionality of the respiratory system

  • Effectively prevents lung disease

  • Restore the performance of your respiratory system

30 Capsules for a 30-days course providing effective results for up to 6 months depending on age group (see FAQ for details)


Oxypep Ingredients


It is not until we experience breathing problems that we take notice of how important our lungs are in keeping us strong and healthy. As they carry oxygen to the rest of your body and vital organs, they need to stay at a peak performance and are thus kept constantly at work. However, as lungs thrive on movement and activity, they are the entry point for toxins, tobacco, pollutants, dust, pollen, irritants and other harmful organisms. Respiratory infections have become more common and more frequent, as we suffer from colds, sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia, destabilizing and infecting our whole respiratory system. It is vital to keep lung tissues healthy and our breathing capacity at its best to efficiently inhibit respiratory diseases. OXIPEP supplements appear capable of enhancing our defence mechanism response to lower risks of pulmonary deficiency and inflammatory responses.


Our peptide complex with glutamic acid, aspartic acid and glycine integrates into the DNA structure and replaces old or damaged molecules in the DNA, thus restoring the protein that keeps the cells together. Restored DNA structure provides normal functionality of the respiratory system.


In case of viral infections, chest congestions, irritated airways or chronic respiratory disease.


Serving per Container, 30 capsules: Take 1 capsule daily in the morning with some liquid for 30 days.

·         If you wish to enjoy the effective benefits of the BIOPEP Food Supplements throughout the year, the 30 capsules' course needs to be taken from 1 to 4 times per year depending on your age (see FAQ).

·         You can ingest up to 4 (four) different BIOPEP Food Supplements capsules at the same time.

The above recommended daily dosage must not be exceeded.


-          Keep out of reach of children.

-          Is not intended to replace a varied and balance diet.

-          Not adapted for: children and women during pregnancy and lactation

-          In case of doubts or under medication, consult your practitioner for advice.

-          Store unopened in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

-          Best before: see bottom of the container.